Product Review: BD Veritor COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test

Jan 10, 2022

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The BD Veritor COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test is a Health Canada approved device that uses an in vitro immunoassay used for direct and qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 nucleoprotein in nasal swab samples.

Each test kit contains the following components:

  • Test cassette
  • Sterile nasal swab
  • Tube with reagent fluid

How it works:

When the nasal swab samples are processed and added to the test device, the SARS-CoV-2 antigens (if present in the specimen) bind to the antibodies conjugated to detector particles in the test strip. The antigen-conjugate complexes migrate across the test strip to the test reaction area and become captured by a line of antibodies present on the membrane.

How to take the test:

1. Assemble the test materials from the kit. Ensure that you wash your hands and blow your nose before completing the test. Remove the test cassette from its package and lay it on a flat surface.

2. Swab both nostrils:

  • Remove the swab from its package, keeping the swab tip away from your hands or any other surfaces.
  • Insert the swab into the first nostril about 2.5cm (1-1.5″). This sample is taken from the main nasal cavity area, NOT far back to reach the soft palate. You can press your finger against the side of your nose when the swab is in, to make sure you are rubbing the swab against the wall of your nasal cavity to ensure you get a good sample
  • Turn the swab against the inside of your nose 5 times.
  • Remove the swab and repeat the same steps in the other nostril.


3. Prepare the sample.

  • Remove the cap from the tube and insert the nasal swab.
  • Swirl the swab in the liquid for 15 seconds, pressing it against the sides of the tube.
  • Use one hand to pinch the tube and pull up the swab with the other hand, bringing the swab through the pinched tube.
  • Throw the swab in the garbage.
  • Firmly close the tube with the dispensing cap (attached to the tube).


4. Perform the test.

  • Turn the tube upside down over the square sample well on the test strip and gently squeeze the tube to put 3 drops into the sample well (DO NOT put drops in the result window).


7. Read the results in 15 minutes.

  • Your result may not be correct if read in less than 15 minutes or more than 20 minutes after putting the drops into the sample well.


How to read the results:

A positive test result is indicated by the presence of both control line (C) and test line (T).

A negative test result is indicated of only the control line (C).


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